I'd like to thank my partners for their continued support!

Starc Architects are a leading boutique London architecture practice. Focusing on creative and beautifully designed projects, the innovative practice have supported James throughout his career, without which James would not be racing today.

James was a great success this year; a real ambassador for our company
— Silke Trimborn, Founder & Partner @ Starc Architects

The Lavish Monkey are an up and coming NYC-based fashion label, specialising in high quality leather clothing and apparel. The Lavish Monkey and James partnered in early 2016 to mutually support and develop each other's brands and market positioning.

James’ ambition and drive to build his own brand, makes him a great athlete to represent us
— The Lavish Monkey CEO

Better Gyms have supported James throughout his career with sponsorship via the GLL Sports Foundation; the largest independent athlete support programme in the UK. Without the programme James would not have been able to prepare and reach the sporting potential he has.

James is fully committed to representing our brand over the last 5 years, and we are delighted to to continue to support him as his career developes
— Rachael Parslow, Regional Manager @ Better Gyms